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John & Laura Par
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As long as I can remember I have always had a true love and compassion for seniors. Growing up as a child I was always with my Grandparents. This love and bond continued throughout my life . In my early 20's my grandfather suffered from a stroke and had no choice but to be placed in long-term care. Our family was very involved . I remember making regular visits with my grandmother to care for my grandfather. It didn't take long for me to make many new friendships at the senior's home. I would frequently spend much of my time with other people's mothers, father's grandmothers and grandfathers. People would say "They look forward to your visits." "You are a natural!" "You should consider caregiving as a profession". "You honestly love what you do and it shows!" As the years passed I was more and more involved with senior care on a volunteer basis . I knew that these words over the years were only confirmations of what my true calling in life was, this is how it all began............


In 1998 John and Laura Par moved to Barrie, Ontario. At that time Laura's grandmother May Baker, was 89 years old, living in a small apartment and alone in Toronto. Laura and May were very close, so Laura asked May if she would like to live with us. With a resounding yes May packed up and moved in with us. As John and Laura, who is a certified CDA, continued to commute to their jobs in Toronto, May was enjoying all the comforts of our new home, parks, water front, and the various senior's social events operating around town. Well, as time went on May's health started to fail. John and Laura started to notice that May needed more personal care. Laura was starting to feel the pressures of running a full time job and caring for a loved one was not easy. So Laura put her career on hold to devote the time needed to tend to her grandmother. This became her new full time job. With the aid of all the support agencies in the area, Laura quickly learned how to cope with all the challenges of care giving. May eventually became bed ridden and alzheimers soon followed. Laura was with her all the way until May passed away in 2001 During this whole process, all the different health organizations and agencies saw the devotion and compassion Laura demonstrated in the care of her grandmother that many suggested that Laura continue this on a full time basis. Since 2002 Laura opened up her own business. First "Senior Services" And later May's Manor assisted retirement living.

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